11 August 2015

Capture Requirements with Use Cases

The Use Case Principle

The main idea behind use cases for requirements capture is that all useful system functions have an impact at the interface between the system and the outside world. If no one will ever notice whether a function is present or missing, there's no need to implement it.

Every component, every circuit, every line of code must be able to justify its existence by serving some aspect of at least one interaction with the outside world; that is, it must help to realize a use case.

A use case model treats the system as a "black box"; it's completely described by its externally evident behaviour. Whether the product is a rail line or a spreadsheet, a clear understanding of the use cases tells you what needs to be achieved.

27 July 2015

The Value of Project Manager Certification

A question I've put to a number of PMI and Prince2 people has gone unanswered.
Is there any quantitative evidence that using a certified PM improves the likelihood that a project's actual performance will meet or beat the original plan?