09 July 2011

Light Rail Project Mis-Projection

Yesterday, the City of Ottawa's Mayor Jim Watson announced that the Light Rail Project is going ahead at a projected cost of $2.1 Billion. This came as a relief to the people who were certain it would be more than double that, especially taxpayers who would be footing the bill.

08 July 2011

Distribution Shaping in a Browser

If anyone was wondering how I made the pretty chart in "The Right Way to do a Histogram", this is it. It's also really useful for estimating sample distributions.

DistShaper3 is a Javascript port of DistShaper2, an Excel/VBA application I built as an estimating aid. This version has a better sample generation algorithm and a few more features, including a variety of output formats. It's also more fun just to play with.

Use DistShaper3 Online