18 December 2010

Entertaining Statistical Insignificance

Here's an entertaining example of statistical insignificance that ties the presence of cell towers to increased fertility. You'll want to read it all.

13 December 2010

Project Planning is Process Design

Revised 17 December 2010

Project plans aren't discovered, they're designed. More to the point, project planning is process design.

For any particular project, the plan can lay out the work in a long string, using a small team for a long time, or it can break the work into relatively independent components and have lots of people working in parallel for a short time. The first approach, essentially Agile, is the most cost-efficient because it has less coordination and integration overhead. On the other hand, the longer a project lasts, the more likely it is to be impacted by low-probability hazards and scope creep. The longer the plan timeline, the greater the uncertainty in its outcome.

In either case or in between, it's a choice of how to get the job done, and if you want it done fast, it'll cost more.